What is iFarm Manor

A smart version of George Orwell's novel’s world in which the ending will be completely different.

What can be better in the world of NFTs and collectibles than transposing the world imagined by George Orwell into the world of blockchain.

iFarm Manor DAO will be a fairly governed community where everyone can propose and vote for the best of the whole community. We believe that in a well-managed DAO community everyone can benefit themselves and everyone else.

Marketplace and more others

NFTs Utility

MemeCa$h is our NFTs supplier for iFarm Manor.
To increase the visibility of all this we also want to develop our own marketplace ”iFarm Manor Marketplace” an auction market for non-fungible tokens developed on Polkadot.

We don't want to limit NFTs to just collecting but also give them a real world utility. For this we will work hard to get more value of our NFTs.

We are sure that the quality and the various use cases of our NFTs will increase their value over the time. This is why we thought of "Manor Farm -The Game", a game in which our NFTs gain value and popularity.

iFARM value

Deflationary strategy

We also thought about how to increase the value of our iFARM token over the time because our investors need to be protected.

A deflationary strategy will certainly increase the value of our token. For this reason we have decided to burn a part of the earnings from the sale of our NFTs on iFarm Manor Marketplace and iFarm Manor - The Game, to reduce the number of our tokens put into circulation over time. Reduce the number of tokens put into circulation and good marketing work will attract new investors too.

iFarm manor Feature

Our Ecosystem

iFARM is the governance token of the iFARM MANOR platforms. iFARM holders are eligible to have more benefits


iFarm Manor DAO, propose, vote for platform new development features and get rewards partly of iFarm Manor platforms fees


Farming Stake iFARM to farm limited NFT editions and stake LP to earn iFARM tokens as rewards.


iFarm Manor Marketplace, We bring creators to put their “digital signs” on their works in the form of NFTs secured in public and transparent blockchain networks.


iFarm Manor- The Game the game based on our NFTs with lots of prize pools to win.

iFARM Token Sale

Token Sale Info

All details about our token sale and listings.

Private Sale
4 January 2021
30% Bonus Hard Cap 200,000 iFARM
1iFARM=3.5 USD Soft Cap 100,000 iFARM
Public Sale
January 2021
After Private Sale
Uniswap 20,000 iFARM Liquidity locked for 1 year
February 2021
Listing on Top CEX
Liquidity Trading Competition Airdrop
Token Symbol iFARM
Token Name iFARM token
Total Supply 500,000 iFARM
Token Sale Start 04 January 2021
Tokens for sale 200,000 iFARM
Sale duration TBA
Token Distribution Details
Private Sale: 200,000 iFARM Unlocked
Uniswap Liquidity: 20,000 iFARM 1 year locked
Marketing: 50,000 iFARM unlocked
Listings + Advisors: 30,000 iFARM unlocked
Team: 30,000 iFARM locked for 6 months
iFARM Farming Pool: 100,000 iFARM locked by Smart Contract
Community Reserve: 70,000 iFARM locked for 1 year

Road Map

December 2020 Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
January 2021 Crowdfunding
  • Start the Public Sale
  • Listing iFARM on Uniswap with liquidity locked for a year
January 2021 First Release
  • Start the iFARM and the LP farming
  • White Paper was released
January 2021 Start Development
  • Start the MemeCa$h NFTs development integration on the iFarm Manor website.
January 2021 New Developments Starting
  • Start the iFARM Manor Game contest and development
  • Kickstarter Release
February 2021 Governance
  • Create the iFarm Manor DAO Group and start the Governance
February 2021 NFTs Integration
  • Release the NFts integration on the site, start more use cases for our NFTs.
  • MemeCa$h Integration
February 2021 Marketplace
  • Start the iFarm Manor Marketplace development.
2021 Q3 Marketplace Launch
  • Release the iFarm Manor Marketplace
2021 Q4 Game
  • Realease the iFarm Manor Game.